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ELC-10th Day

Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Use of Since/For

Since' is used before certain time For' is used before uncertain time
3 O'clock, 10 O'clock, 5 PM, 4 AM. Five hours, two hours, an hour
Monday, Saturday, Sunday few days, four days, seven days
March, June, December two months, eight months
2011, 2012, 2013 One year, ten years
Since long. for a long time
Yesterday, tomorrow, day after tomorrow
Morning, Evening, Night, Noon, Afternoon.
Birth, beginning, then, when

Look at these sentences:

माली सुबह के 6 बजे से पौधों को पानी दे रहा था। The gardener had been watering the plants since 6 a.m.
ट्रेन पांच घंटे से चल रही थी। The train had been running for five hours.
वह 2011 से कंप्युटर हॉर्ड़वेयर का व्यापार कर रहा था। He had been dealing in computer hardware business since 2011.
तुम पिछले 35 मिनिट से एक ही पाठ का रट्टा लगा रही थी। You had been cramming the same lesson for the last 35 minutes.
वह दो घंटे से दरवाजा खटखटा रही थी। She had been knocking at the door for 2 hours.
वह सुबह से दूध के लिए रो रही थी। She had been crying for milk since morning.
शाम से ही लड़के फुटबॉल खेल रहे थे। Boys had been playing football since evening.
एक लड़का उन्हें दो घंटे से देख रहा था। One boy had been watching them for two hours.
वह रात 9 बजे से बर्तन साफ ​​कर रही थी। She had been cleaning the utensils since 9 p.m.
मेरा ड्राइवर पिछले दस सालों से मेरे साथ काम कर रहा था। My driver had been working with me for the last ten years.
रजत अक्टूबर 2019 से राजिया के लिए सपने देख रहा था। Rajat had been dreaming for Rajia since October 2019.
दो दिनों से लगातार लंदन में बर्फबारी हो रही थी। It had been snowing in London continuously for two days.

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