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Direct-Indirect Speech - Simple Sentences

Rule No. 6

जब Reporting Verb पास्ट टेन्स का हो तो Reporting Speech में आए निम्नलिखित शब्दों को बदल देते हैं। ये शब्द समय और स्थान की निकटता दर्शाते हैं और Indirect Speech कुछ समय के बाद उस स्थान से दूर हुई होती है इसलिए निकटता के इन शब्दों को दूरी का संकेत देने वाले शब्दों से बदल दिया जाता है।

When the reporting Verb is of past tense, we change the following words in the Reporting Speech. These words indicate the proximity of time and place and Indirect Speech takes place after some time and away from that place, so these words of proximity are replaced by words indicating distance.

Direct Speech Indirect Speech
Ago Before
Hence Thence
Here There
Hither Thither
Last night The previous night
Last week The previous week
Next week The following week
Now Then
Direct Speech Indirect Speech
The day before yesterday The day before the previous day
The last fortnight The previous fortnight.
These Those
This That
Thus So
Today That day
Tomorrow The next day
Tonight That night
Yesterday The previous day

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