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General Rules of Active & Passive Voice

When to Use Passive Voice


जब Subject के बारे में जानने की जरूरत ना हो या Subject का पता ना हो  जैसे - When there is no need to know about the Subject or Subject is not known. e.g.
खिड़की कल तोड़ी गई ।  The window was broken yesterday.
नई दुकान लूटी गई । The new shop was robbed.
जब Object को महत्व Verb और/या Subject से ज्यादा देना हो ।  जैसे - When an object is to be accorded more importance than Verb and/or Subject. e.g.
यह पेन गुरू जी द्वारा उपहार में दिया गया ।  This pen was gifted by Guruji.
शीला को चार्ल्स द्वारा गुलाब दिया गया । Sheela was given a rose by Charles.

Note: The following Tenses cannot be changed into Passive Voice:

1. Present perfect continuous tense
2. Past perfect continuous tense
3. Future continuous tense
4. Future perfect continuous tense

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