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Abbreviation Description
U You
U2 You Too
U4E Yours For Ever
UI! You Idiot!
UL You Will?
UR your
UR You Are?
URAQT You are a cutie
URAS You are a star
URT1 Your are the one
URW You are welcome
URWS You Are Wise
URYY4M You are too wise for me
VBG Very Big Grin
VBS Very Big Smile
VFM Value for money
VM Voice mail
VSF Very Sad Face
WAD Without A Doubt
WAI What an idiot
WAN2 Want to
WB Welcome Back
WBS Write Back Soon
WC Who Cares?
WCA Who cares anyway
WDYS What did you say?
WDYT What do you think?
WE Whatever
W/E Weekend
WFM Works for me
WKND Weekend
WLUMRyMe Will you marry Me?
WO Without
WRK Work / We are kidding
WRT With regard to
Abbreviation Description
WT Without Thinking
WT What?
WTB Want to buy
WTG Way To Go!
WTGP Want to go private?
WTH What The Hell
WTTM Without Thinking To Much
WUD What you doing?
WUWH Wish you were here
WWDWIIWD When we do what it is we do
WWY Where Were You?
WYCM Will You Call Me?
WYGOWM Will you go out with me?
WYP What's your problem?
WYRN What's your real name?
WYS Whatever you say
WYT Whatever you think
WYWH Wish You Were Here
XI10 Exciting
XLNT Excellent
XME Excuse Me
XOXO Hugs and Kisses
Y Why
YA Yet another
YAFIYGI You asked for it, you got it
YBS You'll be Sorry
YGIAGAM Your guess is as good as mine
YGWYPF You get what you pay for
YHM You have mail
YKW You Know What?
YM Young man
YNK You never know
YTTT You telling the truth?
YW You are Welcome
YYSSW Yeah yeah sure sure whatever
ZOMG Oh My God (Sarcastic variant)
ZZZ Sleeping, Bored, Tired

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