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Abbreviation Description
MHBFY My Heart Bleeds For You
MIHAP May I Have Your Attention Please
MKOP My Kind Of Place
MMHA2U My Most Humble Apologies To You
MMS Multimedia Messaging System
MOMPL One Moment Please
MOOS Member Of The Opposite Sex
MORF Male or Female?
MOSS Member Of The Same Sex
MOTD Message Of The Day
MSG Message
MTE My Thoughts Exactly
MYOB Mind your own Business
N1 Nice One
N2M Not To Mention
NA Not applicable or Not affiliated
NAP Not a problem
NBD No big deal
NBIF No basis in fact
NC No comment
NE Any
NE1 Anyone
NE1 ER Anyone Here?
NETHNG Anything
NG New Game
NIMQ Not in my queue
NINJA No Income, No Job, or Assets
NM NeverMind
NMP Not my problem
NO1 No one
NOYB None of your business
Abbreviation Description
NP No problem
NRG Energy
NSFW Not Safe For Work
NTK Nice To Know
NVM Nevermind
NW No Way!
OBTW Oh, by the way
OIC Oh I See
OK All Correct
OLL Online love
OMDB Over My Dead Body
OMG Oh My God
ONNA Oh no, not again!
ONNTA Oh No, Not This Again
OOO Out of office
OS Operating system
OT Off topic
OTOH On the other hand
OTT Over The Top
OUSU Oh, You Shut Up
PAW Parents are watching
PCM Please call me
PD Public Domain
PLS Please
PM Personal Message
PMFJI Pardon me for jumping in
PMJI Pardon My Jumping In
POOF Good-bye
POS Parent over shoulder
PPL People
PRT Party
PRW Parents Are Watching
PZA Pizza

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