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Abbreviation Description
IAC In any case
IAE In any event
IANAC I am not a crook
IANAE I Am Not an Expert
IANAL I am not a lawyer
IAT I Am Tired
IAYL In A While
IBRB I Will Be Right Back
IC I See
ICBW I Could Be Wrong
IDC I Don't Care
IDK I Don't Know
IDL Ideal
IDM It Does Not Matter
IHNO I Have No Opinion
IIWM If it were me
ILU I Love You
ILY I love you
IM Instant messaging
IMCO In my considered opinion
IMHO In My Honest/Humble Opinion
IMO In My Opinion
IMOW In My Own Words
IMS I Am Sorry
INMP It's not my problem
Abbreviation Description
IOU I owe you
IOW In Other Words
IRL In Real Life
ISS I said so
ISTM It Seems to Me
ISWYM I See What You Mean
IUSS If you say so
IYO In your opinion
IYQ I like you
IYSS If you say so
JAM Just A Minute
JAS Just a second
JC Just checking
JK Just kidding
KFY Kiss for you
KHUF Know How You Feel
KISS Keep It Simple, Stupid
KIT Keep in touch
KOTL Kiss on the lips
KWIM Know what I mean
L8 late
L8ER later
L8R Later
LD Long distance
LDR Long Distance Relationship
LIFO Last in, first out
LLTA Lots and lots of thunderous applause
LMK Let me know
LOL Lots Of Love
LOL Laugh Out Loud
LOLA Laugh Out Loud Again
LOOL Laughing Outrageously Out Loud
LULAB Love you like a brother
LULAS Love you like a sister
LV love
LYLAB Love You Like a Brother
LYLAS Love you like a sister

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