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Comparatives of Adverbs

Adjective की भांति कुछ Adverbs की भी तीन Degree of Comparison होती है - Positive Degree, Comparative Degree और Superltive Degree.

Like Adjective, some Adverbs also have three degrees of Comparison - Positive Degree, Comparative Degree and Superlative Degree.

A short list is given below:

Positive Comparative Superlative
Early earlier earliest
Fast faster fastest
Hard harder hardest
Near nearer nearest
Short shorter shortest
Soon sooner soonest
Beautifully more beautifully most beautifully
Carefully more carefully most carefully
Skilfully more skilfully most skilfully
Swiftly more swiftly most swiftly
Wisely more wisely most wisely
badly worse worst
Far farther farthest
Forth further furthest
Ill worse worst
Little less least
Much more most
well better best
He dived fast. He dived faster He dived the fastest of all the players.
She painted beautifully. She painted more beautifully. She painted most beautifully among all participants.

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