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List of One Word Substitution in English

One word can often express the idea of a phrase or a clause and can help in writing or communicating precisely. List of some common one-word substitutions are given below. Please learn it to improve your word power.

एक शब्द कभी कभी पूरे वाक्यांश या वाक्य को व्यक्त कर सकता है। कुछ ऐसे कॉमन शब्द नीचे दिये हैं। प्रभावशाली इंग्लिश बोलने और समझने के लिये इनकी जानकारी आवश्यक है। हर शब्द का अर्थ आपकी सुविधा के लिये सिंपल इंग्लिश और हिन्दी में दिया हुआ है। 

Words Start with >> N-O

Word Meaning अर्थ
Namesake Somebody or something with the same name as somebody or something else हमनाम, नाम राशि
Narcotic Addictive medicine which induces sleep. नशीली दवा, नींद लाने वाली दवा
Native One whose parents are domiciled. मूलवासी, पैदाइशी
Naughty A badly behaved child. शरारती, खुराफाती
Neologism New word coined by an author. नवशब्द, नवनिर्मित शब्द
Neophyte One who is a newcomer to a subject or activity. नौसिखिया, नया चेला
Notary Person publically authorized to draw up or attest contracts etc लेख्य प्रमाणक, लेख-पटरा प्रमाणकारी
Notorious A person with an evil reputation बदनाम, कुख्यात
Novice One who is new to a trade or profession नौसिखिया, पेशे धंधे में नया
Numismatics Science of coins or medals मुद्रा शास्त्र
Nutritive Food providing nourisnment, nutrition. पोषण संबंधी
Oasis Fertile spot in desert where there is water. मरुस्थल के बीच हरित भूमि, सुख-दायक जगह
Obesity Having lot of fat in one's body. मोटापा
Word Meaning अर्थ
Obituary A notice of death in a newspaper. निधन सूचना, मृतविवरण
Obsolete A thing no longer in use अप्रचलित
Oceanography Study of ocean समुंद्र विज्ञान
Odontology Science dealing with study of teeth. दांत विज्ञान
Oligarchy A Government by a small group. अल्पतंत्र, कुल-तंत्र
Omnipotent All-powerful; possessing complete power and authority सर्व शक्तिमान
Omnipresent One who is present everywhere सर्वव्यापी, सर्वव्यापक
Omniscient A person who knows everything अंतरयामी, सर्वज्ञ
Omnivorous An animal or a human being that eats any kind of food सर्वभक्षी, सर्वग्राही
Opaque That through which light cannot pass अपारदर्शी
Ophthalmology Science dealing with the study of Eye. नेत्र विज्ञान
Optic Science of sight and light. प्रकाश सम्बंधी विज्ञान
Optics Study of light प्रकाश विज्ञान
Word Meaning अर्थ
Optimist One who looks at the bright side of things; positive thinker आशावादी
Orator One who makes an eloquent public speech. सुवक्ता
Ordnance A factory where military materials are produced. गोलाबारूद , युद्ध सामग्री
Oriental A person of Asian, especially East Asian, descent. पूर्वी , पूर्व-वासी
Ornithology A study of birds पक्षी विज्ञान
Orography Study of mountain पर्वत विज्ञान, पार्वतिकी
Orphan A person without father and mother. अनाथ, यतीम
Orphanage A place where orphans live अनाथालय, अनाथाश्रम
Orthodox One who believes in traditional values परंपरागत, कट्टरपंथी
Orthography Study of correct spelling of words वर्तनी
Ostracize To expel from society निष्कासित करना, बहिष्कृत करना
Ostrich Largest and flightless bird native of Africa. शतुरमुर्ग
Outcast Cast out as useless by the society. निर्वासित, परित्यक्त, बहिष्कृत

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