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Multiple Choice Quiz : Conditional Sentences (Others)

Please tick the correct answer and click on the "CheckAnswer" button (given below) to see your result. If the ticked answer is correct, the colour of the answer will become GREEN. If the ticked answer is incorrect, the colour will turn RED, and the colour of the correct answer will change to a PURPLE colour.

कृपया सही उत्तर पर टिक करें और अपना परिणाम देखने के लिए "CheckAnswer" बटन (नीचे दिया गया है) पर क्लिक करें। यदि टिक किया उत्तर सही है, तो उत्तर का रंग GREEN हो जाएगा। यदि टिक किया उत्तर गलत है, तो रंग RED हो जाएगा, और सही उत्तर का रंग PURPLE रंग में बदल जाएगा।


Q1 -If she _______ to stay in a hostel, I ______and drop her there.

:would liked, will go
:would like, will go
:would like, would go
:will like, will go

Q2 -________ any problem with the hostel, please______me.

:Should you have, informs
:Should you have, informed
:Should you have, inform
:Would you, inform

Q3 -_____ you finish your lunch, you _____ stand up.

:Until, will not
:Unless, will not
:Until, did not
:Unless, did not

Q4 -______you ________ in time, please ______ positively.

:In case, cannot reach, rings him up
:In case, cannot reach, rang him up
:In case, cannot reached, ring him up
:In case, cannot reach, ring him up
_____ you finish your lunch, you _____ stand up.

Q5 -I ________ money provided you _______ it.

:can lend him, recommended
:can lend him, recommend
:can lent him, recommend
:can lends him, recommend


Q6 -You_____ your life _________ good health.

:can enjoy, so long you have
:could enjoy, so long you have
:can enjoyed, so long you have
:can enjoy, so long you had

Q7 -I _____ Vartika ______ a guitar.

:would wish, have
:wish, had
:wish, have
:wishes, has

Q8 -I ______ Vartika ______at her school _______.

:wish, were, now
:wish, be, yesterday.
:wish, be, now.
:wish, been, now

Q9 -I _____ I ______ a Spiderman.

:wish, am
:wish, be
:wish, was
:wish, were

Q10 -I ____ Vartika _____ the gold-medalist.

:wish, was
:wish, are
:wish, is
:wish, were

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