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Multiple Choice Quiz: Helping Verb And Use of My, Our, Your, His, Her, Its & Their

Please tick the correct answer and click on the "CheckAnswer" button (given below) to see your result. If the ticked answer is correct, the colour of the answer will become GREEN. If the ticked answer is incorrect, the colour will turn RED, and the colour of the correct answer will change to a PURPLE colour.

कृपया सही उत्तर पर टिक करें और अपना परिणाम देखने के लिए "CheckAnswer" बटन (नीचे दिया गया है) पर क्लिक करें। यदि टिक किया उत्तर सही है, तो उत्तर का रंग GREEN हो जाएगा। यदि टिक किया उत्तर गलत है, तो रंग RED हो जाएगा, और सही उत्तर का रंग PURPLE रंग में बदल जाएगा।


Q1. His ________ very tidy.

rooms are
room is
room was
All are correct

Q2. Its ________ strong.

leg were
legs was
legs are
None is correct

Q3. Mr Bhattacharya ________ neighbour.

was you
is my
were my
None is correct

Q4. My ________ in Indore.

sister are
sister were
sisters are
All are correct

Q5. These ________ students.

are our
was our
is our
None is correct

Q6. This ________ shop.

is his
was your
is my
All are correct

Q7. Those ________ parents.

is your
are their
was our
All are correct

Q8. Your brother ________ friend.

are also our
was also our
were also his
None is correct

Q9. Her son ________ .

was a doctors
is a doctor
were a doctor
None is correct

Q10. This ________ car.

is her
was his
is your
All are correct

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