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Past Continuous Tense

Use of Was/Were

Helping Verb Subject
Was I, He, She, It, This, That, Geeta, Peacock, Car, all 3rd person singular subjects.
Were We, You, They, These, Those, Children, Birds, all 3rd person plural subjects.

Look at these sentences:

वह कल परीक्षा दे रहा था। He was taking the examination yesterday.
मैं बाजार जा रहा था। I was going to the market.
पुलिस चोरों का पीछा कर रही थी। Police were chasing the thieves.
वह गाय घास चर रही थी। That cow was grazing grass.
डाकिया लेटर बांट रहा था। The postman was delivering letters.
वे अपना समय बर्बाद कर रहे थे। They were wasting their time.
बाहर बूंदा बांदी हो रही थी। It was drizzling outside.
कुत्ते रात को गली में भौंक रहे थे। Dogs were barking in the street at night.
एक लड़का बाइक में से पेट्रोल चुरा रहा था। A boy was stealing petrol from a bike.
भीड़ एक चोर को पीट रही थी। The mob was beating a thief.
चौकीदार लड़कों को गर्लस् होस्टल में घुसने से रोक रहा था। The gatekeeper was detaining boys to enter in girls hostel.
वह उसे मधु मक्खियों से बचाने के लिए सभी प्रयास कर रही थी। She was making all efforts to save her from honey bees.

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