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An easy Way to learn English को फिर से लिखा और फिर से डिज़ाइन किया गया है।
शुरुआती के लिए अंग्रेजी की मूल बातें तथा अंग्रेजी और हिंदी के श्रव्य वाक्यों की विशेषता को इसमें जोड़ा गया है।

पुनः-निर्मित वेबसाइट - के लिए यहां क्लिक करें। has been re-composed and redesigned.
The basics of English for beginners and the feature of Audible sentences of English and Hindi have been added to it.

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View a Sentence in all types of Tenses

Present Indefinite (Simple) Tense - Page-3

Present Indefinite Tense - Negative

Present Indefinite Tense
Type of Sentence Rule
Negative Subject + Do/Does + not + Verb (Ist form) + Object + (.)

Vaakya ke ant main ‘taa hai’, ‘tee hai’, ‘te hai’ kaa prayog hotaa hai or vaakya ke beech main ‘nahee’ kaa prayog aavashyak hai.

In present indefinite negative sentence, 'do not / does not' is used before first form of verb. Does comes only when subject is third person singular otherwise in all cases ‘do ’ is used.

When 'Does' is used in Present Indefinite Tense, then 's/es' is not added with the Verb because 'Does' is made after adding adding 'es' with 'do' (Do + es = Does).

Present indefinite negative tense main 'Do / Does' aur verb kee first form kaa prayog hotaa hai. Does tabhee lagatey hai jab vaakya kaa subject third person singular ho. Does kaa prayog karane ke baad, verb ke saath ‘s/es’ nahee lagaate hai kyonki 'Does' shabd 'Do' main 'es' joDane (Do + es = Does) se banaa hai.

Present Indefinite - Negative Ham ball se nahee khelate hai.
Person Subject Do / Does
Ist person I do not play with ball.
Ist Person -Plural We do not play with ball.
2nd Person You do not play with ball.
3rd Person -Singular He/She/It/Ram/Seema does not play with ball.
3rd Person -Plural They/boys do not play with ball.


Sentence Vaakya
Arif does not speak the truth. Arif sach nahee bolataa hai.
Children do not make a noise. Bachche shor nahee karate hai.
I do not like your behaviour. Mujhe aapakaa vyavahaar pasand nahee aataa hai.
I do not shirk work. main kaam se jee nahee churaataa hoon.
Lion does not eat grass. Sher ghaas nahee khaataa hai.
Rajni does not go to office on Saturday. Rajni Shanivaar ko office nahee jaatee hai.
You do not need my help. Tumhe meree madad kee jaroorat nahee hotee hai.

Present Indefinite Tense - Interrogative And Interrogative & Negative

Present Indefinite Tense
Type of Sentence Rule
Interrogative Do/Does + Subject + Verb (Ist form) + Object + (?)
Interrogative & Negative Do/Does + Subject +not + Verb (Ist form) + Object + (?)


Vaakya ke ant main ‘taa hai’, ‘tee hai’, ‘te hai’ kaa prayog hotaa hai or vaakya ke arambh (start) main ‘kyaa kaa prayog aavashyak hai. – Kyaa aap English seekhanaa chaahate hai?

Present Indefinite Interrogative sentence starts with 'Do / Does'. In Present Indefinite Interrogative and Negative sentence, 'not' is added just before 'verb'. Question Mark (?) is affixed at the end of sentence in place of Full Stop (.).

Isakaa prashnavaachak vaakya English main 'Do/Does' se shuru hotaa hai. Isake Interrogative aur Negative vaakya main 'not' ko 'verb' se pahale lagaayaa jaataa hai. Vaakya ke ant main full stop (.) ke sthaan par prashnavaachak chinh (?) lagaayaa jaataa hai.

Present Indefinite - Interrogative Kyaa tum Ruby se pyaar karate ho?
Person Do/Does Subject Not + Verb (Ist form) Object
Ist person Do I love Ruby?
Ist Person -Plural Do we love Ruby?
2nd Person Do you love Ruby?
3rd Person -Singular Does he/she/it/Ram love Ruby?
3rd Person -Plural Do they/boys love Ruby?

Present Indefinite - Interrogative & Negative Kyaa Ram kaDee mehnat nahee karataa hai?
Person Do/Does Subject Not + Verb (Ist form) Object
Ist person Do I not work Hard?
Ist Person -Plural Do we not work Hard?
2nd Person Do you not work Hard?
3rd Person -Singular Does he/she/it/Ram not work Hard?
3rd Person -Plural Do they/boys not work Hard?



Sentence Vaakya
Do birds not chirp daily? Kyaa pakShee roj nahee chahachahaate hai?
Do I not obey you? Kyaa main tumhaaraa kahanaa nahee maanataa hoon?
Do they agree with me? Kyaa ve mujhase sahamat hai?
Do you love me? Kyaa aap mujhe pyaar karate hai?
Does he also love you? Kyaa vah bhee aapase pyaar karataa hai?
Does he want to kill his wife? Kyaa vah apanee patnee ko maaranaa chaahataa hai?
Does it rain daily in the rainy season? Kyaa varshaa ritu main roj barsaat hotee hai?
Does she not run away from me? Kyaa vah mujhase door nahee bhaagatee hai?
Does Shubhi drive car on road? Kyaa Shubhi road per car chalaatee hai?

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