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An easy Way to learn English को फिर से लिखा और फिर से डिज़ाइन किया गया है।
शुरुआती के लिए अंग्रेजी की मूल बातें तथा अंग्रेजी और हिंदी के श्रव्य वाक्यों की विशेषता को इसमें जोड़ा गया है।

पुनः-निर्मित वेबसाइट - के लिए यहां क्लिक करें। has been re-composed and redesigned.
The basics of English for beginners and the feature of Audible sentences of English and Hindi have been added to it.

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View a Sentence in all types of Tenses

Present Continuous Tense - Page-2

Present Continuous Tense - Interrogative And Interrogative & Negative

Present Continuous Tense
Type of Sentence Rule
Interrogative Is/Am/Are + Subject + Verb (Ist form) + Ing + Object + (?)
Interrogative & Negative Is/Am/Are + Subject + Not + Verb (Ist form) + Ing + Object + (?)

In Interrogative sentences, 'Is/Are/Am' comes in the beginning of the sentence. Question Mark (?) is affixed at the end of sentence in place of Full Stop (.). In Interrogative and Negative Sentence, 'not' is added just before 'verb'.

Interrogative vaakyo meN. 'Is/Are/Am' vaakya ke shuru meiN aataa hai. Negative vaakyo meiN 'verb' se pahale 'not' lagaate hai. Vaakya ke ant meiN full stop (.) ke sthaan par prashnavaachak chinh (?) lagaayaa jaataa hai.

Present Continuous Tense - Interrogative Kyaa ve meree table kee marramt kar rahe hai?
Person Is/Are/Am Subject Verb (Ist form) + Ing Object
Ist person Am I repairing my table?
Ist Person -Plural Are we repairing my table?
2nd Person Are you repairing my table?
3rd Person -Singular Is he/she/it/Ram repairing my table?
3rd Person -Plural Are They/boys repairing my table?

Present Continuous Tense - Interrogative & Negative Kyaa ham gareeb laDake kee madad nahee kar rahe hai?
Person Is/Are/Am Subject Not + Verb (Ist form) + Ing Object
Ist person Am I not helping the poor boy?
Ist Person -Plural Are we not helping the poor boy?
2nd Person Are you not helping the poor boy?
3rd Person -Singular Is he/she/it/Ram not helping the poor boy?
3rd Person -Plural Are they/boys not helping the poor boy?

Examples TOP

Sentence Vaakya
Am I making fun of you? Kyaa maiN aapakee hansee uDaa rahaa hoon?
Are boys playing cricket in the house? Kyaa Ladake ghar meiN cricket khel rahe hai?
Are we not going on a picnic today? Kyaa aaj ham picnic par nahee jaa rahe hai?
He is not helping me. Vah meree sahaayataa nahee kar rahaa hai.
He is taking the examination this year. Vah is varsh parikShaa de rahaa hai.
I am going to London on Sunday. MaiN Ravivaar ko London jaa rahaa hoon.
Is her husband extinguishing the kitchen fire? Kyaa usakaa pati kichen kee aag ko bujhaa rahaa hai?
Is it drizzling outside? Kyaa baahar boondaa-baandee ho rahee hai?
Is it raining in Kanpur? Kyaa Kanpur meiN barsaat ho rahee hai?
Is Sachin playing cricket? Kyaa Sachin cricket khel rahaa hai?
More and more people are using their computers to listen to music. Jyada se jyaadaa log music sunane ke liye computer kaa prayog kar rahe hai.
Police is chasing the thieves. Police choroN kaa peechhaa kar rahee hai.
Shaka is not reading his book. Shaka apanee kitab nahee paDh rahaa hai.
That cow is not grazing the grass. Vo Gaay ghaas nahee khaa rahee hai.
The gardener is not watering the plants. Maalee paudhoN ko paanee nahee de rahaa hai.
The postman is delivering letters. Daakiyaa letter baanT rahaa hai.
They are wasting their time. Ve apanaa samay vyarth ganvaa rahe hai.
Vartika is feeling sleepy. Vartika ko neend aa rahee hai.
We see with our eyes. Ham apanee aankhoN se dekh rahe hai.

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