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An easy Way to learn English को फिर से लिखा और फिर से डिज़ाइन किया गया है।
शुरुआती के लिए अंग्रेजी की मूल बातें तथा अंग्रेजी और हिंदी के श्रव्य वाक्यों की विशेषता को इसमें जोड़ा गया है।

पुनः-निर्मित वेबसाइट - के लिए यहां क्लिक करें। has been re-composed and redesigned.
The basics of English for beginners and the feature of Audible sentences of English and Hindi have been added to it.

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View a Sentence in all types of Tenses

Past Continuous Tense - Page-2

Past Continuous Tense - Interrogative And Interrogative & Negative

Past Continuous Tense - Interrogative And Interrogative & Negative
Type of Sentence Rule
Interrogative Was/Were + Subject + Verb (Ist form) + Ing + Object + (?)
Interrogative & Negative Was/Were + Subject + Not + Verb (Ist form) + Ing + Object + (?)

Interrogative sentence of Past Continuous Tense starts with 'Was/Were' and first form of Verb with 'Ing' is used in it. In Interrogative & Negative sentence, 'Not' is added just before Verb.

Past Continuous Tense ke prashnavaachak vaakya 'Was/Were' se shuru hote hai. Prashnavaachak aur nakaaraatmak vaakya meN 'Not' ko verb se pahale lagaate hai.

Past Continuous Tense - Interrogative Kyaa laDake English seekh rahe thay?
Person Was/Were Subject Verb (Ist Form) + Ing Object
Ist person Was I learning English?
Ist Person -Plural Were we learning English?
2nd Person Were you learning English?
3rd Person -Singular Was he/she/it/Ram learning English?
3rd Person -Plural Were they/boys learning English?

Past Continuous Tense - Interrogative And Interrogative & Negative Kyaa maiN tumhaaree bahan ko nahee paDhaa rahaa thaa?
Person Was/Were Subject Not + Verb (Ist Form) + Ing Object
Ist person Was I not teaching your sister?
Ist Person -Plural Were we not teaching your sister?
2nd Person Were you not teaching your sister?
3rd Person -Singular Was he/she/it/Ram not teaching your sister?
3rd Person -Plural Were they/boys not teaching your sister?



Sentence Vaakya
It was drizzling outside. Baahar boondaa baandee ho rahee thee.
Dogs were barking in the street at night. Kutte raat ko galee meiN bhonk rahe thay.
A boy was stealing petrol from a bike. Ek laDakaa bike meiN se petrol churaa rahaa thaa.
The mob was beating a thief. BheeD ek chor ko peeT rahee thee.
The farmers were not ploughing their fields. Kisaan kheton meiN hal nahee chalaa rahe thay.
Gatekeeper was detaining boys to enter in girls hostel. Chowkeedaar laDako ko girls hostel meiN ghusane se rok rahaa thaa.
Were the students saying prayer in school? Kyaa vidhyaarthee school meiN praarthanaa bol rahe thay?
His son was shivering with cold yesterday. Kal usakaa beTaa sardee se kaanp rahaa thaa.
Were the children crying at the top of their voice? Kyaa bachche jor jor se chillaa rahe thay?
She was making all efforts to save her from honey bees. Vah usako madhumakhiyon se bachaane kee saree koshish kar rahee thee.

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