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A prefix is a letter or a group of letters placed at the beginning of a word to modify or change its meaning. For example, meaning of base/root word 'fix' is 'to attach', meaning of 'pre' is 'before' and 'prefix' means 'attach before'. A list of most common prefixes are given hereunder.

उपसर्ग (प्रीफिक्स) अक्षर या अक्षरो का समूह आधार शब्द के शुरू में लगाया जाता है जिससे शब्द का अर्थ परिवर्तित या बदल जाता है। जैसे आधार शब्द 'फिक्स' का अर्थ है 'लगाना', 'प्री' का अर्थ है 'पहले' और उपसर्ग लगाने के बाद 'वर्ड - प्रीफिक्स' का अर्थ 'पहले लगाना' बन जाता है।

Prefix Meaning Example
a-, an- without anaemic, apathy
ante- before antecedent, antedate
anti- against antidote, anti-aircraft
auto- self autopilot, autograph
circum- around circumstance, circumference
co- with copilot, co-operate
com-, con- with companion, contact
contra- against contradict, contrary
de- off, away from devalue, decrease
dis- not disappear, discomfort
en- put into enclose, encircle
ex- out of, former extract, ex-president
extra- beyond, more than extracurricular, extraordinary
homo- same homonym, homosexual
hyper- over, more hyperactive, hypertension

Prefix Meaning Example
il-, im-, in-, ir- not, without illegal, immoral, inconsiderate, irresponsible
in- into insert, inside
inter- between intersect, intermission
intra- within, on the inside intravenous, intranet
macro- large macroeconomics, macroview
micro- small microscope, microwave
mono- one monopoly, monotonous
non- not, without nonsense, nonferrous
omni- all, every omniscient, omnipotent
post- after postmortem, postdated
pre-, pro- before, forward precede, project, preview
sub- under submarine, substandard
syn- same time synchronize, syndicate
trans- across transmit, transportation
tri- three tricycle, triangle
un- not unfinished, unequal
uni- one unilateral, uniform

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