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Multiple Choice Quiz : Causative Verbs

Please tick the correct answer and click on the "CheckAnswer" button (given below) to see your result. If the ticked answer is correct, the colour of the answer will become GREEN. If the ticked answer is incorrect, the colour will turn RED, and the colour of the correct answer will change to a PURPLE colour.

कृपया सही उत्तर पर टिक करें और अपना परिणाम देखने के लिए "CheckAnswer" बटन (नीचे दिया गया है) पर क्लिक करें। यदि टिक किया उत्तर सही है, तो उत्तर का रंग GREEN हो जाएगा। यदि टिक किया उत्तर गलत है, तो रंग RED हो जाएगा, और सही उत्तर का रंग PURPLE रंग में बदल जाएगा।

Select the correct answer for filling in the blanks

Q1. He _____ him ______ his ears.

will have, to pierce
will have, pierce
will have, pierced

Q2. Neha _____ Avyan______ music class.

had, join
has, join
had, to join

Q3. She______ her face ________by Roma.

had, bleach
have, bleach
had, bleached

Q4. She_______ her daughter______ her ears.

get, to pierce
got, pierced
got, to pierce

Q5. She ______ her family ready_______ the excursion tour of Leh.

got, to join
got, joined
get, joined


Q6. I will not ______ your children exploit your innocence.


Q7. She ______ her mother ________ the nutritional diet strictly.

make, to follow
made, to follow
made, follow

Q8. Her mother was _____ ________ her daughter.

make to believe
made to believe
made believe

Q9. Heavy rain _______ the traffic jam in Delhi yesterday.

cause to

Q10. She is not normal now because she _____the extremist ______ her mind with negativity.

let, to affect
let, affect
get, affect

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