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Quiz-7 - Present Perfect Tense & Misc.

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Select the correct answer for filling in the blanks

Q1 -Kanika and Kritika ________ hidden their toys.


Q2 -A group of consultants________ arrived in India to attend the meeting.


Q3 -Tiger_____ not jumped on him.


Q4 -Guests have________.


Q5 -Avyan________played with his toy.


Q6 -Friends of bride_______given her two tickets of movie.


Q7 -_____ we not _______ our secret?

:has, disclosed
:Have, disclose
:Have, disclosed
:Do, disclosed

Q8 -You _________ a lot.

:have changed
:has changed
:have change
:are change

Q9 -He________ a father now.

:has became
:has become
:have become
:does became

Q10 -Boss________ a meeting on Monday to_________ price hike.

:has fixed, discuss
:has fixed, discussion
:has fix, discussed
:have fixed, discuss

Q11 -Auditors____noted ten points.


Q12 -I____ read this news and he______not read it.

:have, do
:am, has
:have, have
:have, has

Q13 -I_____ worked the whole day but she_____ sleeping early.

:have, has
:have, is
:do, is
:have, does

Q14 -Gold prices_________touching sky. He____ purchased gold.

:have, has
:are, has
:is, has
:are, is

Q15 -Amita and Smita _____friends and they_____ guided them to do MBA.

:have, are
:has, have
:have, have
:is, have

Q16 -They______ their residence.

:have shift
:have cover
:are shifted
:have shifted

Q17 -His speech______ everyone to_______.

:has forced, think
:has force, think
:has forced, thinking
:are forced, think

Tick the correct sentence.

Q18 -Which sentence is correct?

:Prices of house have increased.
:Price of houses have increased.
:Prices of house has increased

Q19 -Which sentence is correct?

:The class has started at 3pm.
:The class has started.
:The class have started.

Q20 -Which sentence is correct?

:I have not insult anyone in my life.
:I have not insulsted anyone in my life.
:I am not insulted anyone in my life.

Q21 -Which sentence is correct?

:Have black dog bitten her.
:Has black dog bitten her?
:Has black dog bitten her.

Q22 -Which sentence is correct?

:Govt has forgotten the poor people.
:Govt have forgotten the poor people.
:Govt has forgot the poor people.


Sentences in Hindi are given below. Kindly translate and write the sentences in English in the given box. After writing, verify it from the answers. Reading is easy but when we are to write, we need to recollect the rules for making sentences. This exercise helps in understanding the rules properly.

1 अमर मुंबई कंप्यूटर खरीदने चला गया हैं ।

2 हमने उसका नाम नही लिया हैं ।

3 क्या पुलिस ने उसको बहुत मारा हैं ?

4 क्या तुम्हारा बेटा जाग गया हैं ?

5 गुस्साई भीड़ ने खिड़कीयों के शीशे तोड़ दिये हैं ।

6 सरकार ने चुनाव घोषित कर दिया हैं ।

7 राजन फिर से फेल हो गया हैं ।

8 मैंने सुबह से दस मैल लिख ली हैं ।

9 क्या सभी ने अपना सामान चैक कर लिया हैं ?

10 इस समय आधे से ज्यादा लोग ट्रेन में सो गये होगे ।

11 मैं ट्रेन में नही सोता हूँ ।

12 क्या तुमने उसे धोखा नही दिया हैं ?

13 मैंने अपना वचन बखूबी निभाया हैं ।

14 उसने पन्सारी की दुकान खोली हैं ।

15 वह बालिग हो गया हैं ।


Kindly convert the following sentences into Interrogative & Negative sentences.

16 The train has left.

17 He has gone mad.

18 America has refused to help Pakistan.

19 Prem jee Bhai has given up smoking & drinking.

20 He has not consulted a good doctor.

21 I have taken a heavy breakfast.

22 I take a very light breakfast.

23 He has not taken a bath since last Friday.

24 He has not accompanied us.

25 The judge has sentenced death to all the rapists.

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