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Quiz-11 - Past Perfect Tense & Misc.

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Select the correct answer for filling in the blanks

Q1 -In a story, the lion_______ the villagers

:is killed
:had helped

Q2 -Villagers______ the snake in the morning.

:had kill
:had killed
:did killed
:has kill

Q3 -______she ______ home at 6 o'clock?

:Had, reached
:Has, reached
:Did, reached
:Did, reach

Q4 -They____already_____the damage.

:have, did
:had, did
:had, done
:had, do

Q5 -He____not_____the whole ice cream yesterday.

:did, eat
:had, ate
:have, eaten
:do, eat

Q6 -Sarla_______learnt swimming in her childhood.


Q7 -All children________ the birthday party.

:had enjoyed
:have enjoy
:has enjoyed
:do enjoy

Q8 -The hunter_____at the tiger to ______it.

:had aimed, killed
:aimed, kill
:has aim, kill
:had aim, kill

Q9 -Ladies_______to _______in the party.

:likes, play tamola
:had liked, play tambola
:have liked, playing tambola
:has liked, play tambola

Q10 -The print of the movie_____not good. I think, he _____ me a pirated CD.

:was, was giving
:was, had given
:is, is giving
:were, had given

Q11 -He _____ not ______ my permission to go from here.

:did, took
:does, took
:had, taken
:have, taken

Q12 -In 1985, I _____in Gujarat for 10 years.

:was living
:have living
:had lived
:am living

Q13 -We _____ to Gangtok once.

:had gone
:have been going
:had been going

Q14 -_____ she ________ her sister to _____ in Chandigarh?

:Was, allowing, staying
:Has, been allowing, stay
:Did, allow, stay
:Does, allow, staying

Q15 -He____advised me to____there, but I______.

:did, go, forgot
:has, go, forget
:had, go, forgot
:has been, go, forgot

Tick the correct sentence.

Q16 -Which sentence is correct?

:He had completed his job yesterday.
:He completed his job yesterday.
:He had complete his job yesterday.
:He completes his job yesterday.

Q17 -Which sentence is correct?

:He had been waiting for her since 2 hours.
:He has been waiting for her since 2 hours.
:He had been waiting for her for 2 hours.
:He was waiting for her for 2 hours.

Q18 -Which sentence is correct?

:He had not gave me a promise.
:He had not given me a promise.
:He is not give me a promise.
:He has not been given me a promise.

Q19 -Which sentence is correct?

:Sita had been cooking since morning.
:Sita has been cooking for morning.
:Sita is cooking since morning.
:Sita was cooking since morning.

Q20 -Which sentence is correct?

:India has become independant in 1947.
:India became independant in 1947.
:India had become independant in 1947.
:India become independant in 1947.

Q21 -Which sentence is correct?

:He had not told everthing to his wife.
:He had not told everything to her wife.
:He had not tell everthing to his wife.
:He have not told everything to his wife.

Q22 -Which sentence is correct?

:Had we not given full respect to her mother?
:Had we not gave full respect to her mother?
:Had we not given full respect to her mother.
:Did we not gave full respect to her mother?

Q23 -Which sentence is correct?

:She did not remain vigilant while driving.
:She do not remain vigilant while driving.
:She did not remained vigilant while driving.
:She has not remain vigilant while driving.


Sentences in Hindi are given below. Please translate and write the sentences in English in the given box. After writing, verify it from the answers. Reading is easy but when we are to write, we need to recollect the rules for making sentences. This exercise helps in understanding the rules properly.

1 मैंने अपने कपड़े धो लिये थे ।

2 दिवाली की छुट्टीयों में हम गोवा गये थे ।

3 राहुल ने उसका गिलास नही तोड़ा था ।

4 हमने शाम को स्कैटीग की थी ।

5 क्या हमने अपनी पढ़ाई नही कि थी ?

6 धोबी ने कपड़े ठीक से नही धोये थे ।

7 वह उसे पहले ही कही मिल चुका था ।

8 वर्तिका और अव्यन रजनी की शादी से पहले नही मिले थे । 

9 टीचर ने यह पाठ हमें पहले ही सीखा दिया था ।

10 उसने अपनी जवानी में हॅाकी खेली थी ।

11 कनिका, अव्यन और वर्तिका ने शादी में मस्ती करने का प्लान बना लिया है ।

12 जोड़ियाँ स्वर्ग में बनती हैं ।

13 दुल्हन एक दिन रोती हैं । बेवकूफ दूल्हा रोज रोता है । समझदार हमेशा खुश रहते हैं ।


Kindly convert the following Affirmative or Negative sentences into Interrogative Affirmative or Negative sentences & Interrogative Affirmative or Negative sentences into Affirmative or Negative sentences. If sentence is Negative maintain Negative after conversion also.

14 He had not borrowed some money from me.

15 Ram had not invited Shyam on his wedding.

16 Mary had thrown the waste out of her home.

17 Kush had got 90% marks in last unit tests.

18 Robbers had not stolen a large amount of money from the bank.

19 He had gone to market for drinking soda.

20 She had translated all the sentences of last Quiz correctly.

21 Geeta had learnt dancing in her childhood.

22 She had used computer for science project work.

23 Sunita had not taken medicines regularly.

24 I wrote letters in my free time.

25 Everybody loves his family.

26 Avyan copies his father.

27 Cow has two horns.

28 We had written essay in our school time.

29 We had enjoyed our college time by bunking classes.

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