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Thousands of text based emotions -Smileys are in use and people are creating new ones all the time. If you know the meaning of smiley, on seeing it immediately the emotions of text sender is flashed to your mind. When you write a mail, SMS, tweet or chat on face book, it is not easy to convey feelings or emotions through words. For example, if you are joking with someone and send a text message “You are good for nothing", the person receiving your message might think you are texting a rude comment. If you send the same message with a happy text smiley face :) following your message, the person would understand that you were smiling when you sent the text message. In a face to face communication you would really smile to convey emotion “Don’t take seriously, I’am joking" while saying “You are good for nothing" and the receiver will also take it lightly.

Using of smiley faces to express true emotions are becoming very common. A list of Smileys is compiled below.

A-I : J-Z

Emotions Meaning
0*-) Angel wink - female
:-Z Angry face
:-{{ Angry Very
~:o Baby
:-) Basic
}|{ Butterfly
:( )   Cannot Stop Talking  
:0 Hungry
%*} Inebriated
~~~~8} Snake
O:-) Angel
0;-) Angel wink - male
:-{ Angry
>:-( Annoyed
:> At the end of a lighthearted comment-sharing nice words or question. not mean or serious
(::()::) Bandaid
:-{0 Basic Mustache
:-){ Beard
(:-{~ Beard - long
:-)^< Big Boy
(:-) Big Face
:-)8< Big Girl
(((H))) Big Hug
:-X Big Wet Kiss
?-( Black Eye
(:- Blank Expression
#-) Blinking
:-! Bored
:-}X Bow Tie-Wearing
:-#| Bushy Mustache
})i({ Butterfly - an even prettier one
}:-X Cat
q:-) Catcher
8^ Chicken
*<<<<+ Christmas Tree
*<):o) Clown
-S Confused
%) Confused
 :~/ Confused  
H-) Cross-Eyed
:`-( Crying
:'-( Crying Sadly
:*( Crying softly
:'-) Crying With Joy
&:-) Curly Hair
:-@! Cursing
:-9 Delicious
:-e Disappointed
:3-] Dog
:-)) Double Chin
:*) Drinking every night
:#) Drunk
.\/ Duck
:-6 Eating Something Spicy
:") Embarrassed
:-} Embarrassed Smile
0|-) Enjoying the Sun
>:) Evil
%*@:-) Freaking Out
8) Frog
:-< Frowning
{:-) Hair Parted in the Middle
}:-) Hair Parted in the Middle Sticking up on Sides
%-) Happy Drunk
:-' Has a Dimple
:%)% Has Acne
:-# Has Braces
:(#) Has Braces variation
:-`| Have a Cold
|:-) Heavy Eyebrows
/;-) Heavy Eyebrows - Slanted
o[-<]: I am a skater or I like to skate
@:-} Just Back From Hairdresser

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