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ELC-33rd Day - Page-3

33rd Day - After Tense and Active Passive, Direct & Indirect is the most important part of English Language. Today also we will continue Direct Indirect.
We can report any Speech to another person either in the same words (known as Direct Speech or Direct Narration) OR report the speech in our words without changing the meaning (known as Indirect Speech or Indirect Narration).

Direct Indirect Speech - Optative Sentences

Optative Sentence indicates a wish, pray or desire. It ends with exclamation mark (!).

इच्छासूचक वाक्य में अभिवादन, प्रार्थना या इच्छा व्यक्त करता है । इसके अन्त में exclamation मार्क(!) आता है ।

Rule no. 1

For making Indirect Speech of Optative Sentence, 'Said' of Reporting Verb is changed according to the Optative Word' of Reporting Speech. A list of such words is given below.

इच्छासुचक वाक्यों का अप्रत्यक्ष कथन बनाने के लिये Reporting Verb के 'Said' को Reporting Speech में आये 'इच्छासुकक शब्द' के अनुसार बदलते है । ऐसे शब्दों की एक सूची नीचे दी गई है ।

Optative words In place of 'Said'
Good Morning! Wished
Good Evening! Wished
Good Afternoon! Wished
Good Night! Bade
Good Bye! Bade
Farewell! Bade
Would that…! Wished
O that…! Wished
O for…! Wished
May/May God Prayed
If…were (only imagination) Wished …Would

Examples of Optative Sentences
Direct उसने कहा, "नमस्ते (सुबह की) मम्मी!" He said, "Good morning, Mom!"
Indirect उसने अपनी मम्मी से (सुबह की) नमस्ते की । He wished his Mom good morning.
Direct सचिन ने कहा, " नमस्ते (शाम की) श्रीमान!" Sachin said, "Good evening, Sir!"
Indirect सचिन ने श्रीमान को नमस्ते (शाम की) की । Sachin respectfully wished the sir good evening. / Sachin respectfully wished me (you / him / her / them /…) good evening.
Direct प्रशान्त ने कहा, "शुभरात्री पापा !" Prashant said, "Good night, paapaa!"
Indirect प्रशान्त ने अपने पापा को शुभरात्री कहा । Prashant bade his paapaa good night.
Direct अमन ने कहा, "विदा, दोस्तों !" Aman said, "Good bye, friends!"
Indirect अमन ने अपने दोस्तों को विदा कहा । Aman bade his friends good bye.
Direct नेहा ने उसे कहा, "काश उस वक्त तुम यहां होते !" Neha said to him, "Would that you were here at that time!"
Indirect नेहा ने कामना की कि वह उस वक्त वहां होते । Neha wished that he had been there at that time.
Direct उसने कहा, "काश मेरे पास पक्षियो के पंख होते ।" He said, "O that I had the wings of a bird."
Indirect उसने चाहा की उसके पास पक्षियो के पंख होते । He wished that he had the wings of bird.
Direct उसने कहा, "ओह एक गिलास पानी मिल जाये ।" She said, "O for a glass of water."
Indirect उसने एक गिलास पानी की कामना की । She wished for a glass of water.

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