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The content of the entire website and this page is also written with the Hindi alphabet.
संपूर्ण वेबसाइट की सामग्री और यह पृष्ठ हिंदी वर्णमाला के साथ भी लिखा गया है।
हिंदी को वास्तविक हिंदी वर्णमाला में पढ़ने के लिए, कृपया यहाँ क्लिक करें।

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Present Indefinite (Simple) Tense - Page-4

'Do / Does' is also used to emphasise something in Present Indefinite Tense

Kisee baat par jor dene ke liye bhee 'Do / Does' kaa prayog hotaa hai

Sentence Vaakya
He does get up at five every day. Vah pratidin paanch baje avashya uThataa hai.
She does know Ankit. Vah Ankit ko avashya jaanatee hai.
You do meet Rakhi every alternate day. Tum Rakhi ko har ek din chhoD kar avashya milate ho.

Sometimes Present Indefinite Tense is used for Future Tense mostly when future action is considered as already fixed programme.

Kabhee kabhee Future Tense ke vaakyo ke liye bhee Present Indefinite Tense kaa prayog hotaa hai. Aise jyaadaatar vakyo kaa action pahale se fix programme ke anuroop hotaa hai.

Sentence Vaakya
We start tomorrow. Ham kal chalenge.
Our school closes for summer vacation tomorrow. Hamaaraa school garmiyo kee chhuTTiyo ke liye kal band hogaa.
Avyan reaches India tomorrow. Avyan kal India pahunch rahaa hai.
Does Ankit's marriage come off next Sunday? Kyaa Ankit kee shaadee agale Sunday hai?

Abhee tak hamane dekhaa kee saamaanya vartamaan kaal ke ant main 'taa hai', 'tee hai', 'te hai' kaa prayog hotaa hai. Kuchh vaakya aise bhee hote hai jahaaN kriyaa naa to jaaree rehti hai aur naa hee purn deekhaai detee hai, bulki kriyaa saamaanya deekhaai detee hai parantu vaakya ke ant main 'taa hai', 'tee hai', 'te hai' nahee aataa hai. Chunki kriyaa saamaanya hai isliye aise vaakya bhee Present Indefinite Tense ke rule se hee banate hai -jaise:

Vaakya Sentence
Main aapase sahamat hoon. I agree with you.
Mujhe bhagwaan main viswaas hai. I believe in God.
Mujhe aashaa hai. I hope.
Mujhe andaajaa hai. I guess.
Kanika ko kuchh chaahiye. Kanika wants something.
Is table kee keemat 100 rupaye hai. This table costs Rs. 100.
Heena ko Neha kee madad chaahiye. Heena needs help of Neha.

Changing of Sentences - Affirmative Sentence >> Negative Sentence >> Interrogative Sentence

Possitive Negative Interrogative
I go to temple every day. I do not go to temple every day. Do I go to temple every day?
He completes his homework daily. He does not complete his homework daily. Does he complete his homework daily?
He studies in seventh class. He does not study in seventh class. Does he study in seventh class?
His sisters go to college daily. His sisters do not go to college daily. Do his sisters go to college daily?
Their sister also goes to college daily. Their sister also does not go to college daily. Does their sister also go to college daily?
My teacher loves all good students. My teacher does not love all good students. Does my teacher love all good students?
Teachers, in our school, monitor growth of every student. Teachers, in our school, do not monitor growth of every student. Do teachers, in our school, monitor growth of every student?
Girls love to gossip. Girls do not love to gossip. Do girls love to gossip?
I want to help the poor boy. I do not want to help the poor boy. Do I want to help the poor boy?
He works very hard. He does not work very hard. Does he work very hard?
Teachers also support him. Teachers also do not support him. Do teachers also support him?

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