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Preposition List - Purvasarg Suchi

There are hundreds of preposition words. We give below a short list of prepositions. As you read more and take the help of online dictionary you will learn all simple and complex prepositions.

Preposition ke sainkaDo shabd hai. Neeche ek chhoTee list dee gai hai. Aap Jaise jaise jyaadaa English paDhoge aur online dictionary kee madad loge, aap sabhee aasaan aur mushkil prepositions samajh jaaoge.

Preposition Meaning Arth Example Udaharan
above higher than something else, but not directly over it Ke upar - touch naa kare There is a bridge above the river. Nadee par pul (bridge) hai.
across getting to the other side ( over) ek sire se doosare sire tak There isn't a bridge across the river. Nadee ke aar paar pul nahee hai.
after one follows the other peechhe, baad meN The dog ran after the cat. Kuttaa billee ke pichhe bhaagaa.
against directed towards something virudh He has complained against me. Usane mere virudh shikaayat kee.
ago a certain time in the past beete samay pahale Long time ago, there was a king. Bahut samay pahale ek raajaa thaa.
among in a group samooh meN Social person enjoys among people. Saamaajik vyakti logo ke smooh meiN mauj karataa hai.
before earlier than a certain point of time kuchh samay pahale He reached before Rajani. Vah Rajni se pahale pahunch gayaa.
behind at the back of peeth peechhe The kid was running behind his mother. Bachchaa maa ke pichhe dauD rahaa thaa.
beside next to paas meN He lives beside my house. Vah mere ghar ke paas meiN rahtaa hai.
between something/sb. is on each side ke beech meN He is sitting between his parents. Vah apane maataa pitaa ke beech meiN baiThaa hai.
by in the sense of at the latest (aakhiree seema) tak I shall be back by 6 o’clock. MaiN 6 baje tak vaapas aa jaaungaa.
by left or right of somebody or something kisee ke ek taraf She is standing by the car. Vah car ke paas khaDee hai
close to near najdeek Market is close to my house Market mere ghar ke najdeek hai.
down from high to low upar se neeche He came down the hill. Vah pahaaD se neeche aa gayaa.
Preposition Meaning Arth Example Udaharan
for over a certain period of time (past till now) ke liye, anishchit samay bataane ke liye This is for you. He has gone abroad for two years. Yah aapake liye hai. Vah do saal ke liye videsh gayaa hai.
from in the sense of where from Se He comes from NOIDA. Vah Noida se aataa hai.
in front of the part that is in the direction it faces ke saamane There is a garden in front of our house. Garden hamaare ghar ke saamane hai.
inside opposite of outside andar You shouldn't stay inside the car. Tumhe car ke andar nahee rahnaa chaahiye.
into entering something meN (jab koi cheej kisee meiN ghus jaaye) Don't go into the kitchen. Rasoi meiN mat jaao.
near close to najdeek Our house is near the market. Hamaaraa ghar market ke najdeek hai.
next to left or right of somebody or something baaju meN She is standing next to the car. Vah car ke baaju meiN khaDee hai.
off away from something or remove kisee cheej se door jaanaa Take that weight off me. Us vajan ko mujh par se hatao.
out of leaving something bahar(kisee cheej ko chhoDnaa) The cat jumped out of the window. Billee khiDakee se baahar kood gai.
over above something/sb. Upar (touch naa kareN) The cat jumped over the wall. Billee deewar ke upar se kood gai.
over covered by something else Upar (kisee cheej se Dhaknaa) Put a jacket over your shirt. Shirt ke upar jacket pahan lo.
round in a circle golaakar meN We're sitting round the campfire. Ham campfire ke charo taraf baiThe hai.
to towards something/sb. kisee kee taraf I am going to school. MaiN school jaa rahaa hoon.
towards in the direction of something kisee kee dishaa meN We ran towards the thief. Ham chor kee disha meiN dauDe.
under on the ground, lower than (or covered by) something else Ke neeche The cat is under the table. Billee table ke neeche hai.

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