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Parts of Speech
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  12. Interjection

Interjection - Vismayaadibodhak

Interjections are short words which express sudden and/or strong feeling. Exclamation sign " ! " is placed after Interjection words.

Vismayaadibodhak shabd achaanak or majoot bhaavanaa'o ko vyakt karate hai. Vismayaadibodhak chinh " ! " vismayadibodhak shabd ke baad lagaayaa jaataa hai.

e.g. oh, ah, wow, hurrah, alas, ouch, Oops, aha, hey, etc.
Hurrah! India has won the match.
Alas! His father is dead.
Ouch! You are hurting me.
Oh! I forgot your name.

Hurrah! India ne match jeet liyaa.
Alas! Usake pitaa jee mar gaye hai.
Ouch! Tum mujhe choT pahunchaa rahe ho.
Oh! MaiN tumhaaraa naam bhool gayaa.

Normal words can also be used as Interjection for expressing feeling or emotion by putting exclamation sign " ! " after it.

e.g. - No! Don't touch the iron, it's hot.
Help! I am sinking.

Short list of Exclamatory words

Word Meaning Arth Sentence
aah! Fright Bhay vyakt karana Aah! The cracker is going to fall on me.
boo! Contempt Chhee-chhee karana Boo! Stop the drama.
eek! Surprised, scream Halka dar ya ghabaraahat se cheekhana Eeek! A cockroach.
eww! Disgusting Chidh paida karana Ewww! It is full of filthy things.
hmm! Hesitation Bolate vakt rukana ya anishchay mein hichakichaana Hmm! I'm not sure about it.
hurrah! joy Vaah vaah karana / khushee jataana Hurrah, we won!
nah! no Inakaar karana Do you want more drink? Nah! I'm OK.
oh! I see Oh Oh! You wanted to sit with him.
ooh! Wonderful Aashchary, khushee ya aprasannata jataana Oooh! it's lovely.
oops! Surprise on acknowledging mistake, error Galatee sveekaarate hue aashchary jataana Oops! I parked my car at your parking.
ouch! pain Achaanak hue dard ko jataana / mazaak mein halkee baat ka javaab dena. Ouch! It is hurting my finger.
wow! Impressed, astonished Aashcharyachakit ya prabhaavit hona Wow! that's incredible.
yeah! Yes Haan Yeah! Kick the ball into the goal.
Alas! sorrow shok prakat karana Alas! He lost everything in the gamble.

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