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Parts of Speech
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  4. Pronoun
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Adverb - Kriyaa-VisheshaN

An Adverb modifies a verb or an adjective or another adverb. It describes how, where, when, how often and why something happens.

Example : The cat climbed quickly on the table.
The word 'quickly' is an adverb which gives more information about verb 'climbed'. The adverb 'quickly' tells that cat climbed at once without delay.

Kriyaa-visheshaN verb yaa adjective yaa doosare adverb kee visheshataa bataataa hai. Yah vyaakhyaa karataa hai kee kaise, kahaaN, kab, kitanee baar aur kyoN kuchh hotaa hai.

UdahaaraN : Billee jaldee se table par chaDh gai.
Shabd 'quickly-jaldee se' chaDhane kee visheshataa bataataa hai kee billee binaa samay ganwaaye table par jaldee se chaDh gai.

More Examples :

Sentence Vaakya Adverb
Please try again. Dobaaraa koshish kijiye. again
He rises early in the morning. Vah subah jaldee uThataa hai. early
She sings delightfully. Vah khushee se gaatee hai. delightfully
Don't go far. Door mat jaao. far
Shiva jee fought bravely. Shivaa jee bahaaduree ke saath lade. bravely
I am fully prepared. MaiN pooree tarah taiyaar hoon. fully
He certainly went. Vah avashya chalaa gayaa. certainly
He drives slowly. Vah dheere chalataa hai. slowly
She cried very loudly Vah baDee jor se chillaai. very, loudly
I hurt my finger yesterday. Maine apanee ungalee ko kal choT lagaa lee. yesterday
He seldom comes here. Vah yahaaN bahut kam (virale) hee aataa hai. seldom


Adverbs modifying the Adjectives - (1) It is really a good time for us.(2) My boss is really good. (3) My son-in-law is really handsome.

Adverbs modifying another Adverbs -(1) He drives very fast. (2) He managed very quickly. (3) She speaks very softly.

Formation of Adverbs

Generally adverbs are formed by adding : '-ly', by changing '-e' to '-y', '-y' to '-ily', '-ic' to '-ically' in the last of the Adjectives. There are many exceptions.

* beautiful >= beautifully
* slow >= slowly
* serious >= seriously
* careless >= carelessly
* terrible >= terribly
* reliable >= reliably
* happy >= happily
* logic >= logically
* economic >= economically

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